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Habitat for Humanity of Beaver County
47 Bridge Street, Beaver Falls, PA 15010-3259
Phone: 724-846-1630 | ReStore Phone: 724-843-7939 | Fax: 724-847-2963
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  Executive Director:   Denis Sutter
  Office Manager:   Michele Dascanio
  Project Manager:   Jim Huselton  
  Homeowner Services Coordinator:   Regina Kozak
  ReStore Manager:   Samantha Lutz  
  ReStore Assistant Manager:   Janet Harris  
  ReStore Receiving Assistant:   Ben Biggs
Daryl Simmons


Board of Directors 

  Officers for 2017 - 2018: Board Members:


John Feraco
Sherri Hurst
Cindy Monaco
Mark Fabiani


Ken Brewer
Doug Carson
Robert Griffin
Mary Hoffman
Tami Scales              
Susan Smith               
Lawrence Zahn



David DeLuco

       Mark Fabiani
       Elizabeth Focer-Repman                            

       Robert Griffin

       Mary Hoffman

       Sherri Hurst

       Jeff Jones

       Chris Martin                                      

       Gary Miller                                   

       Cindy Monaco                                         

       Bernard Tench Jr.               

       Wendy VanWyhe                                          

       John Yee

       Lawrence Zahn

Habitat for Humanity of Beaver County
47 Bridge Street | Beaver Falls PA 15010-3259
Phone: 724-846-1630 | ReStore: 724-843-7939 | Fax: 724-847-2963
Email: | Website:

"All people deserve a decent place to live" - Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity International

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